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Johannes Geffert plays Leyding, Bach, de Gruijtters, Kuhnau & Bruhns

Johannes Geffert (organ of Sint-Pauluskerk, Antwerp)

Johannes Geffert plays the organ of Sint Paul's Church, Antwerp, an instrument originally dating from 1654. This organ is a unique synthesis built at a meeting place between cultures (Latin and Germanic) and confessions of faith (Catholicism and Calvinism). An organ case which has been built according to the principles of the Dutch-North German organ ("Hamburger Prospekt" vertical construction, pedal towers) contains sound qualities that are mainly French orientated.  Elements of the early-romantic have also found their place here.  The front of the magnificent organ case is decorated with extravagant Rubens-like sculptures which make it unmistakeably original to Antwerp.


Georg Leyding: Preludium

Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita 'O Gott, du frommer Gott', BWV 767

I. Chorale

II. Variation I

III. Variation II

IV. Variation III

V. Variaiton IV

VI. Variation V

VII. Variation VI

VIII. Variation VII

IX. Variation VIII


Johan de Gruijtters: Ceciliana (132)

Johan de Gruijtters: Het Carillon Van Duijnkerke (119)

Johan de Gruijtters: Sonata

I. Andante (40)

II. Giga: Allegro (42)

III. Menuet (44)

IV. Rondeau (119)


Johan de Gruijtters: Marche (95)

Johan de Gruijtters: Tantum Ergo (152)

Johan de Gruijtters: Maria Schoon in Sexti toni (153)

Johan de Gruijtters: Allegro (194)

Johan de Gruijtters: La bergeri (55)

Johann Kuhnau: Suonata prima

I. The Boasting of Goliath

II. The trembling of the Israelites at the appearance of the Giant, and their prayer made to God

III. The courage of David, and his desire to humble the arrogance of his dreadful enemy, together with his confidence placed in the aid of God

IV. The struggle between the two, and their contest with his sling, David throws the flint at the forehead of the Giant Goliath

V. The flight of the Philistines who are pursued by the Israelites

VI. The joy of the Israelites at their victory

VII. The concert of music by the women in honour of David

VIII. The general jubilation and the dances of joyfulness of the prople


Johan de Gruijtters: Andante in G major

Nicolaus Bruhns: Praeludium

Recording Engineering & Production: Jonathan R. Wearn
Total Time: 78.31
Release Date: February 2021

LCSDSCD004     View Booklet

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