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The Royal Swedish Navy BandThe Swedish Navy Band in Karlskrona has not been alone in handing on Naval musical traditions. Naval music was part of the Fleet at Stockholm from the beginning of the 1600s until 1957, when the Stockholm Navy Band became the Navy Band in Stockholm, which was changed again in 1960 to the Second Military Music Band in Stockholm until music was organised on a regional basis in 1971.

The Gothenburg Naval Station received its own music band in 1942, the Naval Band in Gothenburg, which became the Navy Band in Gothenburg in 1957 and the Military Music Band in Gothenburg in the period 1960– 1971. In 1957, the Band was relocated to the Älvsborg Coastal Artillery Regiment, KA 4, and was merged in the reform to regionalise military music.

The Vaxholm Artillery Corps had its own Band in the period 1889 –1901, as did the Carlskrona Artillery Corps in 1895 –1901.

Music bands were connected to the Coastal Artillery during the following years:
     The Vaxholm Coastal Artillery Regiment, KA 1, 1942 –1957
     The Karlskrona Coastal Artillery Regiment, KA 2, 1902 –1957
     The Gotland Coastal Artillery Corps, KA 3, 1942 –1957

The Älvsborg Coastal Artillery Regiment, KA 4, and the Härnösand Coastal Artillery Corps, KA 5, never operated their own bands.

The Coastal Artillery Bands were designated as Type II groups, comprising approximately 20 musicians.

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