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26 May 2024
Simon Vincent's Occasional Trio: Live in Berlin

Simon Vincent (piano)
Roland Fidezius (bass)
Kay Lübke (drums)

New album by The Occasional Trio, recorded live at the Schlot Jazz Club in Berlin, Germany. These recordings are taken from their two latest concerts, and as well as live versions of many compositions recorded on Opening Lines, they feature 4 new works: Blues in Fink, a mid-tempo blues to open, dedicated to curator Katharina Fink; Carousel, a lyrical up-tempo tune about the cycles of life; Sweedad’s Pastry, a bop-type blues dedicated to wonderful and unique bassist Mike Harris, opening the second set; and Every Moment of Every Day, a short ballad in memory of a friend most dear.


Simon Vincent

Blues in Fink

Tender Love

I Can See You Now

Well, You Shouldn't

Sweedad's Pastry

Raindrops in June


Prayer Unto the People and Unto the Land

Every Moment of Every Day

Announcement and Trio Introductions

Portsmouth Blue

Recorded in the Kunstfabrik Schlot, Berlin on 27th November 2018 (Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10) and 9th April 2019 (Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8)
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Simon Vincent
Total Time: 70.20
Release Date: February 2020

VOSCD-005     View Booklet (PDF)

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