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17 June 2024
Mit Blut und Eisen (With Blood and Iron)

The Band of the Honourable Artillery Company
Major Ed Keeley (conductor)

Blut und Eisen (Blood & Iron) is a fascinating selection of military music played by German bands during the momentous 100 years between 1815 and 1915. Some marches are quite well known and some are rarities. The century began with the Anglo-Prussian victory at Waterloo in 1815, continues through the wars of German unification from 1864 to 1871, the outbreak of the Great War in August 1914, and culminates at the stalemate in the trenches around Ypres in 1915. 


Ludwig van Beethoven: March for Military Music in F major, WoO 18 "York March" Anonymous, transcr. O Hackenberger & T. Grawert: Marsch Prinz August Grenadier-Bataillon Anonymous, transcr. H. Homan & G. Lotterer: Marsch der Freiwilligen Jäger aus den Befreiungskriegen Anonymous, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Erster Artilleriemarsch Anonymous, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenbergeer: Marsch aus Petersburg Franz Schubert, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Marsch des Österreichischen Inf. Regt. 42 Herzog von Wellington Giacomo Meyerbeer, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Marsch nach Motiven der Oper, "Die Hugenotten" Giovanni Oldrini, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Franz Joseph-Marsch Friedrich Pfeifke, transcr. O. Hackenberger & C. Neumann: Pepitamarsch Andreas Leonhardt, transcr. K. Jugel-Janson: Alexandermarsch Peter Ludwig Hertel, transcr. H. Hartwig: Königliche Sächsische Laufschrittmarsch Friedrich Zikoff, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Düppeler Morgenroth F. Radeck: Fridericus Rex-Grenadiermarsch Wilhelm Lucke, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Kriegers Lebewohl Carl Kretshcmer, transcr. O. Hackenberger: Ausstellungsmarsch 3.Sächsisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 32 Alfred Beelitz, transcr. Ed Keeley: Garde-Grenadier-Dannenberg-Marsch Bilse, transcr. M. Bernard: Mit Bomben und Granaten Carl Carl, transcr. G. Lotterer: AM II, 248 Mussinan Marsch Otto Fuchs, transcr. H.G. Ahrens: Bismarck Marsch Anonymous, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Zweiter Artilleriemarsch Anonymous, transcr. T. Grawert & O. Hackenberger: Marsch vom Regiment Prinz Heinrich Martin Schroder: Deutschlands Ruhm Pro Patria Clemens Schmalstich, transcr. H.G. Ahrens: Gott, Kaiser, Vaterland Artur Becker, transcr. Ed Keeley: Longwy-Marsch

Georg Furst, transcr. Ed Keeley: Badonviller-Marsch Victor Hollaender, transcr. H.G. Ahrens: Antwerpener Einzugsmarsch Hans Georg Ahrens: Für Tony Marsch

Recorded in the Albert Room, HAC Armoury House, London on 18th & 29th April 2009, 20th June 2010 & 22nd April 2012
Recording Production & Editing: Mike Purton
Recording Engineering: Tony Faulkner
Design: Hannah Whale, Fruition Creative Concepts
Total Time: 73.55
Release Date: April 2016

The Band of the Honourable Artillery CompanyThe Honourable Artillery Company is the oldest regiment in the British Army and probably the oldest military unit in the world with unbroken service which still bears arms operationally.

It is doubtful whether the Company possessed an official band prior to the 1760s although, one of the first mentions of HAC regimental music is in June 1684 when James, Duke of York, the HAC’s Captain General (and later James II), led the Company on a general march followed by a banquet, to the background of fifes, hautbois (a type of oboe) and other music. Additionally in 1696 three hautbois were used by the regiment in the Lord Mayors’ Day Parade; it is probable, however, that these musicians were specially hired for such activities rather than being members of the Company.

The word ‘band’ was also not in use at this period the regiment’s musical group was referred to as the ‘Music’, and the instrumentalists were known as the ‘musicians’ of the regiment.

The Grenadier Company is reported to have regularly employed three hautbois and a courtail (a type of bassoon), and therefore had its own music independent of the Regiment. In 1711 the Grenadiers were temporarily replaced by Fusiliers who received the allowance of £4 ‘for drums, music, grenades, etc., usually granted to the Grenadiers’ [Honourable Artillery Company 1537 – 1987, G Goold Walker (1987), p. 114]. Court orders of June 1744 state that no more than two bottles of wine should be allowed for the musicians after a parade through the City in June 1744 [History of the Honourable Artillery Company, GA Raikes (1878), Vol, p.312].

Major Ed Keeley (conductor)Major Ed Keeley joined the Queen’s Regiment at Bassingbourne as a Junior Musician in 1974. After training, he joined the Band of the 3rd Battalion The Queen’s Regiment, with which he toured extensively throughout Europe. During 1986 – 1985 he was a Cpl Instructor at the Queens Division School of Music.

In 1987, whilst the Principal Trombonist of the Band, he was selected to attend the Student Bandmasters Course at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall. Major Keeley graduated from Kneller Hall in 1989, winning the Commandant’s prize for the best military band quick march, and was appointed Bandmaster of the Light Infantry Corunna Band in March 1990. After serving with the Band in Berlin and Paderborn, he became Bandmaster and Training Officer of the Light Division Band in the summer of 1994.

In May 1997, Ed was commissioned to the rank of Captain and appointed as Director of Music to the Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas. During this exciting period, the Gurkha Band carried out many interesting engagements worldwide, including accompanying HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip on their State Visit to Brunei in 1998. This is also where his fond taste for curry evolved!

In 1999, he was appointed Director of Music of the Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers. With the Engineers, he toured South Korea, Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many parts of Europe. In 2003 he commanded the Band on their deployment to Iraq at the beginning of Operation Telic, serving with 16 Air Assault Brigade. In August 2006, Major Ed Keeley left the Regular Army, following his selection for the appointment of Director of Music of the Honourable Artillery Company. Ed left the HAC in March 2013 to take up an appointment in Dubai as Professor of Conducting and of Trombone for the UAE Armed Forces, as well as continuing his work as a much sought after composer and arranger.

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