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23 July 2024
Idit Shemer: A Flute Alone

Idit Shemer (flute)

"For as long as I can remember, the sound of the flute has attracted and swept me away with its magic. The clean and fresh sound, emanating from a simple tube, has always painted my reality with a natural and more optimistic colour.
It is that sound which has continued to attract my curiosity as I have established my place in the professional world, and led me to get to know and play historical flutes, to study their particular aesthetic and their specific way of producing sound. I consider myself lucky to be able to play various different flutes, making music in a variety of shades of colours through diverse types of sounds, be it on early wooden flutes or the modern instrument.
The idea of putting together compositions from the large breadth of the repertoire for solo flute has always appealed to me. So much has been written for solo flute and so little is actually performed. On this CD I have put together some of my favourite pieces, some very well-known, others less so. The choice was not easy; I was particularly happy to revisit works which I had played while I was a student.
Since in my professional life I am constantly required to combine works from different periods on a variety of instruments, it was only natural for me to weave together in this selection a few of Jacques-Martin Hotteterre’s short preludes from “L’Art De Preluder”, which offer a marvelous transition from instrument to instrument, from period to period, from one style to another.
I wish to dedicate this disc to the memory of a beloved woman, Maxine Zhukov, who helped me find my voice and make it sound."


Jacques-Marting Hotteterre: L'art de préluder: Preludes in D minor

Arthur Honegger: Danse de la Chèvre

Jacques-Marting Hotteterre: L'art de préluder: Preludes in A minor

John la Montaine: Flute Sonata, Op. 24

I. Questioning

II. Jaunty

III. Introspective

IV. Rakish


Jacques-Marting Hotteterre: L'art de préluder: Preludes in G minor

Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita in A minor, BWV 1013

I. Allemande

II. Corrente

III. Sarabande

IV. Bourée Anglaise


Jacques-Marting Hotteterre: L'art de préluder: Preludes in E minor

Jacques Ibert: Pièce

Jacques-Marting Hotteterre: L'art de préluder: Preludes in F major

Miklós Rózsa: Flute Sonata, Op. 39

I. Allegro risoluto

II. Andante, quasi pastorale

III. Vivo e giocoso


Jacques-Marting Hotteterre: L'art de préluder: Prelude in C minor

Claude Debussy: Syrinx for solo flute

Recorded in October 2017
Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Gerry Putnam
Total Time: 58.25
Release Date: April 2021

Idit Shemer (flute)Born in Jerusalem, Idit Shemer, principal flautist of the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, plays and performs on various flutes, from early instruments of the Baroque and Classical eras to the modern flute. She is a prominent flute and traverso teacher, much appreciated by the many students who receive her insightful and committed teaching.

A special part of her musical activity is devoted to contemporary music for the flute and she has performed and recorded many works composed especially for her. She has performed extensively in Israel, Europe and in the USA as soloist and in chamber ensembles.

Idit Shemer has recorded several CDs, as a member of The Jerusalem Consort, chamber music of W.F. Bach, “Couleurs” - the music of Phillipe Gaubert, together with pianist Maggie Cole, as well as recordings of Israeli music.

As a writer of prose she is also a published author of two novels.

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