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19 July 2024
Fatima Lahham: bulbul

Fatima Lahham (recorder)

bulbul. Nightingale. The migrating bird, suspended between skies: never home, always on her way there. The bird who sings to the rose, the soul that yearns for the divine. The bird who suffers injustice and is given a new tongue. This album takes inspiration from the stories of the nightingale to imagine different ways they might sound through the recorder. The proximity of birdsong to the sound of the recorder is evident, yet here recorder player Fatima Lahham uses it to push at the boundaries of how the recorder is meant to sound; the stories is it meant to tell, the histories it is meant to embody.


Marcel Khalife: Asfour tal men el shebbak

Mr Gorton: Division (The Division Flute, 1706)

Ali Ukfi: Semaii Huseyni

Jacob van Eyck: Engels Nachtegaeltje

Fatima Lahham: Zourouni

Fatima Lahham: Improvisation: The Bee

Beatriz de Dia: A Chantar

Johann Sebastian Bach / Mahmoud Darwish: Partita in C minor, BWV 1013 / In Damascus

Fatima Lahham: Ya Shady el-alhan

Fatima Lahham: Free Improvisation: Home

Fatima Lahham: Istanpitta Tre Fontane

Fatima Lahham: Ya Tayr el Werwar

Henry Purcell: Dido's Lament

Recorded in Christ's College,Chapel, Cambridge, UK & West Road Concert Hall on 14th-16th December 2021
Booklet design: FS Records
Recording Production, Editing & Engineering: Myles Eastwood
Total Time: 40:36
Release Date: September 2022

Fatima LahhamFatima Lahham is an improvising recorder player. She has performed all over the UK and Europe, both as a soloist and with collaborators. Fatima’s musicmaking takes inspiration from medieval to contemporary music, Fairuz, birdsong, politics, and the idea of home. Her aim is to tell stories about what is not being heard, that push at the boundaries of the imagination to create new worlds.


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