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21 June 2024
Carey Blyton: A Shoal of Fishes

Chameleon Arts Wind Quintet (ensemble)
Derek Foster (vibraphone)
Harriet Adie (harp)
Ian Partridge (narrator)

Carey Blyton (1932-2002) was one of the twentieth century’s most consummate miniaturists and here collected are six premiere recordings of works which explore the art of the miniaturist through, for example, the Japanese prints of Hiroshige and the words of Isaac Walton (spoken on this recording by Ian Partridge).

The pieces also explore different timbres and instrumental techniques of the harp, the vibraphone and the wind quintet.

Perhaps better known for his film and TV music, his incidental music to Dr Who and for being the creator of Bananas in Pyjamas, it is the legacy of Blyton’s 100+ opus numbers, ranging from songs and piano music to orchestral music and opera which is now long overdue for reassessment. This collection begins that process.



Carey Blyton: A Shoal of Fishes (A Suite of Nine Miniatures for Pedal Concert Harp after prints by Hiroshige)

I. Tobiuo or Tobiuwo (Flying Fish)

II. Suzuki (Japanese Sea-Perch)

III. Ebi (Shrimp)

IV. Shima-hata (Grouper)

V. Ai (Trout)

VI. Akadai, Kurodai (Bream)

VII. Bora (Common Grey Mullet)

VIII. Koi (Carp)

IX. Saba or Hirasaba (Mackerel)

Carey Blyton: A Catch for Wind Instruments

I. Prelude ('Summer is icumen in')

II. The Gudgeon

III. The Loach

IV. The Minnow or Penk

V. The Carp

VI. The Umber or Grayling

VII. The Eel

VIII. The Luce or Pike

IX. The Miller's Thumb or Bullhead

X. The Sticklebag

XI. The Dace or Dare

XII. The Tench

XIII. The Pearch

XIV. The Pope of Ruffe

XV. The Chavender or Chub

XVI. The Bream

XVII. The Trout

XVIII. The Bleak or Freshwater Sprat

XIX. The Roach

XX. The Barbel

XXI. The Rud

XXII. The Salmon

XXIII. Postlude ('Summer is icumen in')

Carey Blyton: Five Diversions

I. Vacilaciòn (Habañera)

II. The Lake at Evening

III. The Girl with the Auburn Hair

IV. Twilit Willows

V. A Little Waltz


Carey Blyton: Carp in the Rain (after a print by Hiroshige)

Carey Blyton: The Indian Coffee House Roof Garden Orchestra Tango

Carey Blyton: A Little Trio for Wind Instruments

I. Fanfare

II. Faburden (Brittany Beach)

III. Finale (Memories of the Opera)

Recorded in St Martin's Chrch, East Woodhay, Hampshire, UK on 4th April & 30th May 2016
Recording Engineering & Production: Michael Ponder
Recording Editing: Jennifer Howells
Booklet Design: Richard G. Hallas
Release Date: September 2019
Total Duration: 55:50

SLV1012     View Booklet     UPC: 5065001601125

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