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28 May 2024
A Journey in Exile: The Lieder of Julius Burger

Ryan Hugh Ross (baritone)
Siân Màiri Cameron (mezzo-soprano)
Nicola Rose (piano)
Daniel Rieppel (piano)

Julius Burger was a gifted Viennese musician, conductor, repetiteur and composer poised to make his mark on early 20th century music. That is until the rise of anti-semitism and the Nazi party forever altered his life and took him on a journey in exile, across continents and cultures, and world come to reflect the very themes of Romanticism which he cherished. Burger's varied career took him from Berlin Radio and the Kroll Opera House to the burgeoning BBC and later working with Columbia Records as well as a long tenure at the Metropolitan Opera where he coached some of the greatest voices of the 20th century. But it wouldn't be until he was in his 90s that he would finally fulfil a lifelong dream of hearing his own compositions performed.

This album represents the first ever recordings of Julius Burger's Lieder, spanning from 1915 to his final piece in 1988. These Lieder show a master of his craft and a legacy from a world which was thought to have been lost. A life in exile is a heavy burden to bear and, where many lose their artistic purpose, Burger persevered. According to those who knew him, Julius Burger considered his works to be his children, having no offspring of his own. It is our hope that with this album, his children will finally step off the faded manuscript pages and into the world.


Dämmernd liegt der Sommerabend

Seliges Ende

Lieder im Abend

Ein Winterabend

Man soll in keiner Stadt...

So Tanze, meine Seele

Lieder des Alters

I. Das ist das alte Lied une Lied

II. Der Tod

III. Der Mensch

IV. Das Alter




Hinterm Kornfeld


4 Heitere Liede nach Gedichten von Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

I. Der Irrtum

II. Die Namen

III. Die Schöne von Hinten

IV. Die Küsse


Goodbye, Vienna

Goodbye, Vienna (sung and played by the composer)

Recorded in Wyastone Concert Hall, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK on 18th-20th June 2018 & 23rd August 2018
Booklet design: Willowhayne Records
Recording Production, Editing & Engineering: Jim Unwin
Assistant Engineer: Peter Jackson
Executive Producer: Ronald S. Pohl, Esq.
Total Time: 42.53
Release Date: November 2019

SPM001     View Booklet

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