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Daniel Hill plays Schubert & Mussorgsky - WHR042Although these two masterpieces are of differing styles - the Schubert (1828) being a 4 movement sonata in the Viennese classical tradition and the Mussorgsky (1874) a sequence of 15 short sections in a deliberately Russian idiom that rejects western European influence, there are parallels between them. Neither was published until after their composer’s death, the sonata in 1838 and Pictures in 1931, though an edited version by Rimsky-Korsakov had appeared in 1886. Neither work received real appreciation and understanding until the 20th century.

Daniel Hill comments: “My criteria for selecting repertoire to record was twofold: firstly, that I would be playing music for which I held a deep respect, passion and conviction; and secondly, that they were pieces for which I felt I may be able to do some justice.

“Both works, though largely disparate in nature, represent a kind of journey: in the vivid experience of Mussorgsky’s Pictures, this is somewhat overtly so; Schubert, on the other hand, takes us into a profoundly intimate and, at times, transcendental realm.

“My hope in making this disc is that I may have found some of that elusive and prescious connection between  interpreter and composition.” 



Recording Details

Recorded:  12th & 13th April 2016, Holy Trinity Church, Hereford, UK
Front Cover: Fruition Creative Concepts
Recording Producers:  John Balsdon & Mark Hartt-Palmer  
Recording Engineer:  Mark Hartt-Palmer & John Balsdon
Piano Tuning & Maintenance: Philip Kennedy
Total Duration: 75:10


"...a superb Gnomus, (nicely shaded, with hints of the grotesque) - International Piano