Recorded: 18th & 19th April 2009, 20th June 2010, 22nd April 2012, The Albert Room, HAC Armoury House, London, UK
Recording Producer:  Mike Purton
Recording Engineer:  Tony Faulkner
Release Date: 
Total duration: 73:55

"All in all, this must rank as one of the finest military band recordings ever'" - Band International 

Mit Blut und Eisen (With Blood and Iron)

Mit Blut und Eisen (With Blood and Iron) - MPR002The Band of the Honourable Artillery directed by Major E. H. Keeley

Blut und Eisen (Blood & Iron) is a fascinating selection of military music played by German bands during the momentous 100 years between 1815 and 1915. Some marches are quite well known and some are rarities. The century began with the Anglo-Prussian victory at Waterloo in 1815, continues through the wars of German unification from 1864 to 1871, the outbreak of the Great War in August 1914, and culminates at the stalemate in the trenches around Ypres in 1915.

Intensive research has been carried out by military music historian Tony Dean and the multi-page booklet contains fulsome detailed notes about the music and the its historic contexts.

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Ludwig van Beethoven, arr. Heisig: AMII, 37 Marsch des Yorck'schen Korps
Herr Müller, arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AMI, 10 Marsch Prinz August Grenadier-Bataillon (1806)
arr. Homan/Lotterer: AMII, 239 Marsch der Freiwilligen Jäger aus den Befreiungskriegen
Anon., arr.Grawert/Hackenberger: AM III, 90 Erster Artilleriemarsch
Anon., arr. Ericsson/Grawert/Hackenberger: AM II, 113 Marsch aus Petersburg
Franz Schubert, arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AM II, 117 Marsch des Österreichischen Inf.Regt.42 Herzog von Wellington
Giacomo Meyerbeer, arr. Hübner/Grawert/Hackenberger: AM II, 118 Marsch nach Motiven der Oper 'Die Hugenotten'
Giovanni Oldrini, arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AM II, 154 Franz-Joseph-Marsch
Carl Neumann, arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AMII, 160 Pepitamarsch
Andreas Leonhardt, arr. Jugel/Janson: AM II, 161 Alexandermarsch
Peter Ludwig Hertel, arr. Hartwig: Königlich Sächsischer Laufschrittmarsch
Friedrich Zikoff, arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AM II, 188 Düppeler Morgenrot
Ferdinand Radeck, arr. Heisig: AM II, 198 Fridericus Rex-Granadiermarsch
Wilhelm Lücke, arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AM II, 200 Kriegers Lebewohl
Carl Franz Edmund Kretschmer, arr. Hackenberger: Aufstellungsmarsch 3. Sächsisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 32
Alfred Beelitz, Keeley: Garde-Grenadier-Dannenberg-Marsch
Benjamin Bilse, arr. Mainers: AM II, 264 Mit Bomben und Granaten
Carl Carl, arr. Lotterer: AM II, 248 Mussinan-Marsch
Otto Fuchs, arr. Ahrens: Bismarck-Marsch
Anon., arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AM III, 91 Zweiter Artilleriemarsch
Anon., arr. Grawert/Hackenberger: AM I, 71 Marsch vom Regiment Prinz Heinrich
Leo Blech, arr. Ahrens:: Gott, Kaiser, Vaterland
Artur Becker, arr. Keeley: Longwy-Marsch
Georg Fürst, arr. Bird: AM II, 256 Badonviller-Marsch
Victor Hollaender, arr. Ahrens: Antwerpener Einzugsmarsch
Hans Ahrens: Für Tony Marsch!
Martin Schröder: Deutschlands Rhum 'Pro Patria'