Arundel Experience

Alexander Eadon - Organ of Arundel Cathedral

Arundel Experience - WHR043Willowhayne Records presents the fourth album in its ‘Experience’ series, played by Alexander Eadon on the Hill organ of Arundel Cathedral.  More >>

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A Bach Family Album

Mark Swinton - Organ of the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick

A Bach Family Album - WHR038A unique collection of organ music and pieces arranged for organ, composed by J.S. Bach and members of the Bach Family. Expertly arranged and played by Mark Swinton at the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick, UK, the music featured here demonstrates the development of keyboard music across the generations of the Bach family.  More >>

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Gloucester Experience

Jonathan Hope - Organ of Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Experience - WHR035Willowhayne Records presents the début solo release from organist Jonathan Hope, Assistant Director of Music at Gloucester Cathedral. Played on the stunning organ of Gloucester Cathedral, this recording includes the world première recording of John Hosking’s Hommage à Paris, as well as works by John Sanders (Director of Music at Gloucester Cathedral from 1967-1994) and the Sonata on the 94th Psalm by Julius Reubke. More >>

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Cape Town Experience

Grant Bräsler - Organ of St George's Cathedral, Cape Town

Cape Town Experience - WHR034The organ in St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town came from St Margaret’s, Westminster (the “MPs’ Church” next to Westminster Abbey) in 1909. Parts of this instrument date from 1675, and has undergone several rebuilds, extensions and work up until 1988.

This first solo recording of the William Hill instrument gives listeners a timely record of one of the city’s great musical treasures. This great English organ provides a perfect, authentic sound world for the music of Elgar and Whitlock, as well as being remarkably versatile in other styles and periods.
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Trans Europe Experience

Keith John - Organ of Gloucester Cathedral

Trans Europe Experience - WHR032This album tracks an imaginary journey around European cities in 20th century organ music spanning some 50 years. From the operatic Adorazione by Oreste Ravanello to Markus Kühnis' Variations on the Swiss Song 'Stets I Truure, mues I läbe with Carl Nielsen's Commotio as the central 'stop' of this recording, this release shows Keith John and the organ of Gloucester Cathedral at their very best

Keith John studied with Jean Guillou, whose Toccata, Op.9 is also recorded here. He has previously recorded several discs for Priory Records and Hyperion Records, and this is his first release on the Willowhayne Records label.  More >>

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